By centralising the R&D activity in a unique Department where all new products for the various product lines are developed, Adler is able to provide Customers with outstanding service and create creative solutions using the diversified product portfolio. Innovation and speed are the driving forces which enable Adler to create new products, technologies, and processes.

Innovation is the result of professional competence, creativity and communication with customers and markets. Highly qualified people with solid and articulated backgrounds contribute to the creation of a stimulating and challenging working environment oriented to results and a high level of performance. Cooperation with the technical departments of the most prestigious Universities assures a continuous confrontation with new ideas. The collaboration of our specialists helps to offer real system solutions. Solutions that are realizable and economically viable.

Advanced CAD 3D systems and calculation programs developed in-house for specific applications simulate the behaviour of Adler’s products in different operating conditions. Sophisticated instruments and testing equipment are used to establish and verify the function and durability of all products.

Adler’s policy of continuous review and modification of products and processes has resulted in a number of patents applicable to various products in the range.
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