1958 Adler SpA is established in Rovereto – production of friction plates and clutches
1965 The Rovereto factory is moved to its present site
1985 Intake manifolds and reed valves are introduced as new products
1990 Production of continuous variable transmissions (CVT) begins and new building is constructed
1993 Siam Adler Pvt. Ltd. is established in Thailand to produce friction plates and clutches
1996 Jinan Qingqi Adler Machinery Co. Ltd. is established in China to produce CVT’s
2002 High Technology Transmission Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. (HTTS) is established in India to produce friction plates, clutch assemblies and CVT’s
2004 Siam Adler Pvt. Ltd. is sold to Yamaha Thailand
2005 Jinan Qingqi Adler Machinery Co. Ltd. is closed and is succeeded by Adler’s 100% owned plant - Adler Jinan Mechanical Co. Ltd. (AJMC) to produce CVT’s and rubber/metal parts
2006 Adler enters a new business sector through the acquisition of Me.Crev. s.r.l. to produce gears and gearboxes
2007 Adler acquires the gears division of Zocca s.r.l. and merges it into Me.Crev. s.r.l.
2010 Me.Crev. s.r.l. and Zocca s.r.l. are moved into the Adler S.p.A. plant in Rovereto (TN)
2014 HTTS joint venture is redeveloped into a technical partnership agreement
2014 Adler becomes the worldwide distributor of the Sito-LeoVince exhaust systems
2016 The AJMC operations are being moved back to Italy in the process of reshoring the whole production, maintaining a local procurement office
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